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This website is all about cheese, and there are many different types of cheeses to choose from. Some people like soft cheese, whilst others like hard cheeses. Soft cheeses can include Brie and Camembert and hard cheeses include those that have matured for a few weeks or even a number of years, including Cheddar, Parmesan and many uk regional cheeses such as Red Leicester, Double Gloucester etc.

Crumbly hard cheeses like Cheshire, Caerphilly, and Wensleydale are young matured cheeses. Blue cheese varieties contain a blue mould that is added at various stages of the cheese making process and include many of the traditional cheeses such as blue stilton, buxton blue, etc. As you can see there are hundreds if not thousands of UK and worldwide cheeses to choose from and love depending on your taste and preference.

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Did you know that to make just 1kg of hard cheese, like cheddar, it takes about 10 litres of milk. - That’s a lot of milk.

Cheese Facts

The popular crumbly hard cheese - Caerphilly - is a Welsh cheese that was traditionally eaten by coal miners during their lunch break.

Cheese Facts

Besides cows, goats and buffalo, cheese can be, and has been, made from the milk or yaks, horses, and camels.